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What Footprint am I Leaving Behind?

Udayakumar Nalinasekaren
Dec 21, 2010

FootprintsOur footprints of life have the potential to leave a lasting legacy behind. Think of leaving a legacy behind because life is a zero sum game. You bring in nothing to this world. You take away nothing from here as well.

Zero sum games have equal winning and losing programmed in. One example of the zero sum game is the share market. However, in this zero sum game, one persons win is always another persons loss.

Human life starts with conception. The first of physical assets are acquired at that point. It starts with the acquisition of two blood relationships and a gene footprint. These assets shape further wins in life. Humans acquire family, knowledge, wealth, fame and power. The game each one plays determines the level to which they can win each of the aforesaid.

At some point in life, the losing proposition starts. Time and age inevitably take away the parental comfort. When cell growth slows down, it challenges health. At the point where a person breaths his or her last, the physical form is lost along with every other physical asset acquired by that person.

Life is a zero sum game. The moment this realization occurs, the game becomes more meaningful. While each individual plays a zero sum game, he or she leaves a legacy behind. Focusing on the legacy that your footprints will leave behind becomes higher order with this realization. Therefore start leading something meaningful from this moment forward.

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