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Moulding Personality - Catch Them Young

Udayakumar Nalinasekaren
Dec 21, 2010

MouldingI wrote another post on how teaching a child to own up is important? Today, I read another interesting blog which talks about practical ways of helping kids overcome fear and anxiety.

As children grow up, they encounter many situations for the first time in their life. They do not know the right way of handling these situations the first time around. Different children adapt different strategies to cope up. Some tend to experiment, some others use a turtle's approach to life, and others take uncalculated risks acting impulsively out of ignorance.   

However, once people grow up they tend to forget these childhood states of  first time experiences and how it felt to be in those situations. It is hard for me to recall how I felt as a child. Many a times  therefore, adults tend to equate children to adult level of thinking and exhibit expectations from that platform. In other times, we tend to underestimate them, spoon feed them or over protect them and stump their learning.

Here is the post that talks about practical ways of helping children shape their personality. Enjoy..

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