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Leadership And Magnetism

Udayakumar Nalinasekaren
Dec 21, 2010

Magnetic FieldI think that leadership and magnetism are alike.

Magnetism is characterized by it's field. The field is invisible. The field has a direction. The field influences all magnetic particles in it's path and aligns them. A magnet also orients itself very strongly and rapidly in the presence of another field.

We can say that leadership also has a field which is invisible. Leaders understand and align themselves rapidly. They change brownian motion and align followers (voluntary or involuntary) in a desired direction.

The influence of the field is characterized by it's power and enrichment in both cases. The alignment that occurs by sheer power and authority is transient. A magnetic particle that gets enriched by a magnet's field acquires ability to align. It starts to behave like a magnet as well.

Similarly a human positively enriched by a leadership field acquires the ability to lead oneself and others. The influence is sticky when the field is nurturing, enriching and empowering. Like natural magnets, there are born leaders as well. Leadership does not require experience.

Sheer use of power and authority instills insecurity and fear which causes alignment. When fear and insecurity are gone, so is alignment. Change is internalized when beliefs change. Any leadership field with potential to change beliefs is inspiring just like the magnet that can make more magnets.

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