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Backing up your ERPNext site

Udayakumar Nalinasekaren
Apr 07, 2017


ERPNext assumes that as a site administrator you are well versed with linux (or variants) commands to execute backup and restore procedure. 

ERPNext provides a bench command for this purpose. The bench command is available on the server that hosts ERPNext. I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2).

To backup the ERPNext instance I login to the Amazon server and execute the following commands.

sudo su - frappe
cd frappe-bench
bench backup --with-files

The --with-files option ensures that all files (e.g., logos, background images or other files you have uploaded to your ERP site) are backed up.

The backup file is made available in a directory ~/frappe-bench/sites/<your-site>/private.

To restore a site, I use the following command after logging into the frappe account on the server and changing directory to frappe-bench.

bench restore <path to the backup file>

If you want, you can download the backup file to your local maching by opening your ERP site and going to Setup -> Download Backups

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